Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What is to come for November

As we move forward with this blog we realize that, one, we need a new name. PJ challenge doesn't capture the essence of this blog. We created the blog for a place that friends, no matter where we may live, can show off our creations as well as a place which motivates us through deadlines and challenges, to get our scrapbooking "to do" list checked off.

We welcome all of your suggestions for a new blog name and possible tag line.

The second realization was, how boring is it to have the same two motivators alternate meeting after meeting. With that said, we have a new motivator, nay, a challenge for you.

Your two-part challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to put together a kit.

The kit would consist of:

- 6 sheets of paper (maximum)
- 5 stamps (maximum)
- 4 inks, dyes, or paints (maximum)
- 3 types of embellishments (as many of each type as you want)
- 2 ribbons or something similar
- 1 drink of choice (water, homemade lemonade, tea, coffee, wine, etc.)

You will put the kit together and submit a picture of your chosen items by September 22nd. The link will be open from September 4th to the 22nd.

On November 1, you will come back and show us the cards and/or tags you made with your kit as well as a picture of what you have left of your supplies - did you manage use them all? The sheets of paper in your kit will not only decorate your cards and tags but they are also the base for the card and/or tag. You can use whatever other items or tools not listed above but you cannot exceed the maximum number of paper, stamps, inks, dyes, or paints, embellishments or ribbons.

When you are done with your kit - all we want to see is paper dust and ribbon threads - if you can do it!!! Be creative and use it all!!!

Good Luck!


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